How to get more followers on Instagram

I thought I would take a side step from writing about our trip this week and talk about how to get more followers on Instagram. I’ve been using Instagram as my business/photography account exclusively for the last six months. Before that I was just using it as my personal account and hovered around 100 followers […]

Lightroom Tutorial: How to do a Colour Selection

I have had a lot of requests recently about doing more Lightroom tutorial videos and because I think you are the bees knees I decided to do a quick one before I go away next week. I chose this photo of the Brisbane Wheel as its one of my favourites and one of my first […]

Basics of Photography: Shutter speed

After talking about Aperture last week in my Basics of Photography: Aperture, its time to move onto to the second point of our exposure triangle – Shutterspeed. The other point of the exposure triangle being ISO which I will talk about next week.  This Basics of Photography 3 part series is designed to get you […]

Basics of Photography: Aperture

Ive had a few people sign up to my blog recently who are total beginners and have asked for me to do some blog posts about the basics of photography. I think this is a really good idea as its great for me to refresh myself with the basics too. Sometimes I get so caught […]