Here are my frequently used and most loved Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions. This bundle will give your images an instant boost. Turn yellow greens of forests into dark rich hues, turn yellow/green water into the most breathtaking aqua blue, add some pastel perfection to any image that you wish for some pretty pinks and lilacs and add a soft glow effect for the dream like fairytale look!

Containing 4 Lightroom Presets and 4 Photoshop Actions plus the instructions of how to install them. All this valuable content for just $19!



This photoshop action makes your images look amazing. If you are after some pretty pastel colours to boost your sunset or sunrise shots all it takes is one click! Great for bringing out the pinks and purples in the sky and brightening the overall image.


The soft glow action is a beautiful effect that gives your images a dreamy feel. It softens the areas that you want softened to give that fairytale look. Great with landscape portraits and waterfall photos!


This photoshop action makes your images look sharp, crisp and clear. All you have to do is crop your image into square or vertically and click on either of these actions to sharpen and then crop for the perfect Instagram image.


This pretty photoshop action gives a soft pastel pink tone to your images. Process your image to how you like it then apply this action to take your image to the next level of amazing!



This quick and easy Lightroom Preset means that with just one click your drone and water images will take on this gorgeous aqua blue colour. It can be quite difficult to bring back the blues from drone and GoPro photos but this preset makes it super simple!


Forest Greens takes your images to the next level removing those horrible yellow, pale green colours and replacing them with a rich luxurious green tone. This one click preset will transform your forest images within seconds!


This tropical preset will give your images a gorgeous blue/red/gold tone rather than the yellow that you usually find in these types of shots. One of my faves and a popular preset for Instagram images.


Blue Water 2 preset is a lighter more washed out version of Blue Water 3. Very popular look with Instagram right now. It will give your coastal shots that gorgeous clear blue water look!

I hope that you find these presets and actions as useful as I do and end up loving them too! They are easy to use and to apply to your images to make them look stunningly beautiful. Of course with all presets and actions you may need to tweak the settings to get the perfect look for your particular image as they will not look the same on every image due to different exposure, colour tones, contrast etc. 

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