On a recent trip down to Northern NSW to visit my family over the Christmas break I returned to a spot that I had photographed two years earlier to capture this photo:

Lennox Head, NSW, Australia
Lennox Head, NSW, Australia

It was low tide, so there was no chance of it happening and I decided to come back a few days later when the tide was higher. I also noticed that a lot of the poles were missing too but that was ok, I could still work with that!

So a few days later when my iPhone app – Schralpe was telling me that it was high tide I ventured back down again but the tide was still no where near the poles. I got to thinking about the day that I captured this shot. I was actually on my way to Byron Bay to shoot the sunset over the lighthouse but as always I was running late and the sky was starting to change colour already so I said to Andrew “maybe we should just go to Lennox Head, I don’t think we will make it to Byron in time.” Luckily we were just about to get to the turn off to Lennox Head and headed there instead. I remembered that I had seen an old picture of these fence poles ages ago and thought they would make a good foreground interest, now we just had to find them. I had been to Lennox dozens of time while I was growing up and had never come across them before so I thought to myself that they must be at the other end of Lennox. As luck would have it we turned down the exact road, got out of the car and walked over to the beach and spotted them straight away!

I quickly raced over and set up my gear and started snapping away as the sky began to dance with the changing pastel colours. It was one of the prettiest sunsets I had seen in a long time.

Now thinking back, it was actually a king tide at that particular time of the year which made the water come all the way up to the poles. So it seems as though I was meant to be there and take that exact picture at that exact point in time. Everything just came together, all the poles were intact, it was a king tide and the sky went crazy on that particular day. A once in a lifetime shot!

Its kind of profound to think that this little photos that I have taken is a slice of history and there will never be another one like it ever! It makes me realise how precious it is now and how lucky I was to be the one to capture it!


Rutherford Lane, Lennox Head NSW. Park in the car park at the end of the road and walk over the hill onto the beach and turn left. The poles are about 200 metres along.


Sunset or sunrise on a King Tide

Camera Settings:

F8 @ 0.3 seconds

ISO 100


Cokin Graduated Filter.

Whats the one photo or experience that you have had that has made you realise you were in the right place at the right time? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

19 thoughts on “Was this a once in a lifetime shot?

  1. AMAZING photo !!!

    I am just getting into photography, I could be at the right time and the right place and still manage to miss it cause I am not very talented with the camera. Was there any editing done to this photo?

    1. Thanks so much Sam! Thats great that you are getting into photography. Its an awesome skill to have. There was a little bit of editing done to this image but not a lot because the colours were all there to capture in the first place which makes editing a whole lot easier. I am creating an e-course at the moment teaching people how to capture the beautiful colours in the sky along with some editing videos so stay tuned!!

    1. Thanks so much Stephie for your kind words. Its definitely a spot worth checking out if you are ever in the area! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Another stunning photo Larissa! Not that I’m surprised – your photos are always so beautiful! I can’t ever seem to capture a decent shot so I’ll keep an eye out for that e-course! Xo Belle

    1. No probs Andrew! Glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully you will get some good conditions while you are there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Very interesting post i have started to notice the same thing with some of my photos after shooting for a couple.of years now. I have one I call the one in a.million shot.

    1. Thanks David! Its cool when you can look back on your shots and be proud that they are now a slice of history or a one in a million shot! ๐Ÿ™‚

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