What camera should I buy? I get asked this question more than any other question! So I think its time I answered it. With so many brands and different types of cameras on the market these days it can be really confusing to make the right decision. My first answer is: a camera that you are going to use! There is nothing more blasphemous than buying a beautiful new camera and sticking it in the cupboard to collect dust. Its sacrilegious! haha. So lets get down to the nitty gritty!


Today, the two major brands of DSLR camera’s are Canon and Nikon. These two companies have very loyal fans and have been trying to outdo each other since mixed tapes were cool. Probably even before that. They are the two top brands and have been for many decades. I am a Canon girl and have been from the start and probably will always be. Canon and Nikon keep leap frogging each other in the quality stakes but you can’t really go wrong with either brand. Im only going to talk about Canon today because I wouldn’t have a clue what Nikon cameras there are and I wouldn’t want to give you false information.

Entry Level Cameras

If you are a beginner in the DSLR world then the Canon EOS 700D camera is the one for you:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.12.04 PM

Ignite your creativity with the most powerful entry-level DSLR. Enjoy the amazing image quality and extremely accurate focusing that comes with the EOS 700D’s DiG!C 5 processor, 18 megapixel image sensor and superior AF system. Powerful features such as amazing low light performance, the easiest and smoothest FULL HD movie recording and the speed of capturing up to 5 frames per second will help take your creative photography further. RRP for body only $598

The next level

The next step up from the 700D is the full frame 6D. This is a great camera if you are getting serious about your photography but still don’t want to spend a fortune on a camera.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.22.26 PM

While some full frame cameras can be bulky and difficult to manage, the EOS 6D is a lightweight, compact DSLR camera equipped with a 20.2MP full frame CMOS sensor. And with easy-to-use modes, HDR and multiple exposure modes, this is a digital SLR camera that matches and develops your photography skills, helping you to be the best photographer you can be. Its DiG!C 5+ image processor and low light sensitivity lets you capture images with incredible detail even in low light, and with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS you can even shoot remotely and send images to your smartphone. RRP Body only $1800

Semi Professional

This is my baby! The Canon 5D MK III. I love this camera. Its built tough and does everything I ask of it. There hasn’t been any situation where it hasn’t performed well for me. Its not cheap but I plan you use this beauty for the next 10 years.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.24.52 PM

Redefining the world of professional photography, the EOS 5D Mark III lets you capture a quality of image you never thought possible. This is a Digital SLR Camera that is built tough, giving you improved resistance to dust and inclement weather, so it can go wherever you go. Its 22.3MP Full Frame CMOS sensor and DiG!C 5+ image processor allows you to capture images in incredible detail, and with its 61-point Auto Focus system, you can find your focus in each and every shot. The camera’s 100% viewfinder coverage lets you evaluate each image before you release the shutter, and with six frames per second you can catch every instant of the action. RRP Body Only $3200.

Canon have recently released the Canon 5Ds and 5DsR which are the first of the 50MP cameras. I honestly can’t see any reason to purchase one of these. You really don’t need a camera bigger than 22mp unless you are printing something the size of a football field. As a friend pointed out, if you are taking photos at 50MP each time you are going to need a truck load of hard drives to store all of those photos on.


The mac daddy of the Canon range is the 1Dx. If you’re a serious photographer and you have a spare $6500 lying around then you need this camera.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.37.28 PM

With the EOS 1DX, you accept no compromise. This is a Digital SLR Camera that revolutionises the world of professional photography, bringing you faster DiG!C5 imaging processing, and superior image quality with its 18.1MP Full Frame CMOS sensor and standard operation ISO range of 100-51,200. With a 55-millisecond shutter release, 12 frames per second high speed continuous shooting, and 14 frames per second in super high speed mode, the EOS 1DX is always ready for action. You can find the focus you need with an innovative new Auto Focus system, utilising 61 Auto Focus points and Live Face Detection Auto Focus Mode. Still want more? You can shoot on-camera or wirelessly via computer, and take Full HD video, compliant with video industry standards. RRP Body Only $6500

One more for luck!

Another camera that I am very interested in at the moment and that a lot of photographers that I know are switching to is the Sony A7R. While it still has some draw backs at this stage I have heard some great reviews about it. The main pro is that it is a mirror less camera which means its small and lightweight because it doesn’t have the bulky mirror inside. This camera is perfect for travelling or when you are hiking and have to carry a camera all day because it weighs half as much as the Canon 5D mk III.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 5.03.08 PM

You can still use your existing lenses with the Sony A7R, you just have to purchase an adaptor to be able to mount them onto the camera which is awesome. Features include:

  • 36.4-megapixel 35mm full-frame Exmor™ CMOS sensor and no optical low-pass filter
  • BIONZ X™ image processing engine
  • Meticulously crafted controls within a compact body
  • Fast Intelligent AF
  • High-contrast, high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder™
  • Full HD movie recording with advanced audio functions

It retails at $2499 (body only) and its pretty. I love the almost retro look of it compared to the modern Canon and Nikon DSLR’s.

The cons of this camera (and hopefully Sony will fix soon) are the poor battery life and the Auto Focus which is apparently as slow as a a turtle. Its definitely one to keep an eye on.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into the range of Canon cameras and makes your decision and whole lot easier. Do you already use any of the cameras listed here? If so, let me know what you think of them in the comments section below. 🙂

6 thoughts on “What camera should I buy?

  1. Hi Larissa

    Great article. I’m a Nikon girl :-). I went down the Nikon track mainly because I liked the feel of the camera in my hands.
    For Nikon, the entry level is the D3300 (I started out with the model before the D3200), mid level is the D5500 (it’s new) and then to the D7100 (Nikon have just announced the features that will be on the new D7200 when it comes out.
    Then you get into the professional ones – D610, D750, D810 and if you really want to drop some money the D4S.

    Love your photos and your posts!.


    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much and thanks for listing all the Nikon cameras! The only one I know anything about is the D800/810 because its the rival to my camera and photographers I know are always trying to work out which one is better. I have a slight suspicion that the Nikon may be slightly better than my Canon 5D Mk 3 but in the end both brands make amazing cameras and it just comes down to what you can afford at the time really! x

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