If you follow me on instagram then you probably know that I love a good waterfall and that I often need to get out amongst nature to calm my restless spirit (I think I am borderline ADHD!) so on the weekend a new photographer friend took me to one of his favourite secret waterfall locations. After this blog it won’t be a secret anymore! haha. Sorry Steve!

We are so blessed with amazing waterfalls in the South East of Queensland and even down in Northern NSW where I grew up. So I thought I would share a round up of my 7 favourites across the two regions.


Northern NSW:

Minyon Falls

To begin with we will start with the big one in the hinterland of Byron Bay. This waterfall is massive and the views from the top are stunning. On a clear day you can sometimes see all the way to the coast. The falls flow into a deep palm shaped gorge 100m below. You can do a 4 hour walk to the base of the falls but you need to check the conditions before you go. I have only been to the top but am very keen to do the walk to the base of the falls soon!

View from the top of Minyon Falls, Byron Bay Hinterland
View from the top of Minyon Falls, Byron Bay Hinterland

Protestor Falls

Located in the World Heritage Nightcap National Park, Protesters Falls lies approximately 14km from The Channon village, at the end of Terania Creek Road. A 1.4km return track (about 40 minutes walk) connects Protesters Falls with the Terania Creek Picnic Area. The track meanders through rainforest and Banglow Palm glades and provides a stream-side view of the natural assets of this beautiful site. The falls are unique as you can walk into the canyon behind the gushing water. I am yet to photograph the actual falls as the last time I was there I had my parents with  me and it started to pour down rain so we bailed and went home but this is an image I took from the creek that you follow to get to the falls.

Terania Creek on the way to Protestor Falls
Terania Creek on the way to Protestor Falls

Killen Falls

Killen Falls can be found at the end of Killen Falls Drive, Tintenbar, NSW. Its a short little walk through some scrub until you get to the fence. You can follow the track to the top of the falls or climb through the fence and scramble your way down to the creek and then turn right towards the waterfall walking along the creek. Its a beautiful little waterfall that falls into a decent sized basin where you can swim. Its not very deep but its a nice spot to cool off on a hots summers day. This is another waterfall that you can walk behind.

Killen Falls, Tintenbar, NSW

Dalwood Falls

Dalwood Falls is located on Dalwood Road, Dalwood, NSW. You can find it by looking for the white and orange road blocks on the side of the road because council have blocked off the entrance after a man died jumping off the cliff, but this has been a popular watering hole since I was a kid and it doesn’t stop the locals from jumping the barricade and walking in. If you don’t want to jump off the cliff to get into the water, there is a track to the right that you can follow down to the water.

Dalwood Falls, Dalwood, NSW
Dalwood Falls, Dalwood, NSW

Gold Coast

Elabana Falls

This would have to be one of the prettiest waterfalls there is around this area and one of the most popular. It is a four hour walk through beautiful rainforest all down hill on the way so that means a lovely steep walk back up after you have finished seeing the falls. These falls are located in Lamington National Park. Follow directions to O’Reilly’s. If you are visiting form overseas then this is the one that I would recommend that you definitely see. Just be careful if it is raining though. You may get attacked by leeches like I did last time I was there! Ick!

The mystical Elabana Falls, Lamington National Park, QLD

Curtis Falls

Curtis Falls is a beautiful little waterfall near Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland. To access Curtis falls turn off Eagle Heights Road into Dapsang Drive at the “St George Anglican Church”, there is a very large parking area to the left at the end of the street. This parking area serves the church as well as the walking trail. Curtis Falls is a 1.5km return moderate grade walk with some steeper sections, allow 60 minutes return with plenty of time to admire the waterfall. The track meanders downhill through wet eucalypt forest beneath towering flooded gums before reaching the viewing platform of the falls.

Curtis Falls
Curtis Falls, Mt Tamborine, QLD

Lip Falls,

This my newest favourite. This is the secret one! Well its not really a secret. Most photographers and locals know about this place but I like to think that its a special one that nobody knows about!  Its a pleasant hike down to the falls and there is a swimming hole below the falls. You can spend hours exploring the creek. Im pretty sure this waterfall would be very popular in summer as its a great spot to chill, have a  picnic and a swim. These falls are located in the Denham Creek Reserve in Beechmont. Its a bit of a trek back up to the top but well worth it after seeing these amazing falls.

Lip Falls, Beechmont, QLD
Lip Falls, Beechmont, QLD

And that wraps up my 7 Amazing waterfalls in Northern NSW and Gold Coast article. Im sure there are tonnes more to add to the list and as I discover more I will write another blog about them.

Have you been to any of these falls yourself? If so, I would love to know, so leave a comment below!

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23 thoughts on “7 Amazing waterfalls in Northern NSW and Gold Coast

    1. Thank you so much Sonya! We certainly are very lucky with the beautiful scenery that is so close to us! 🙂

  1. I think Lip Falls would have to be my favourite out of these! I don’t feel like I have been to a lot of waterfalls but I love finding smaller local once close to home. Blows my mind when they can still be so close (North West of Sydney). Kate, Wondrous x

    1. Thanks Kate! Yes, Lip Falls was stunning! And we are very lucky to have such beautiful waterfalls so close to us in this country! 🙂

  2. This list reminds me of so many hidden places that we will miss on our travels. We came from the Sunny Coast and loved Northern NSW but didn’t get to see these amazing places. They are now all officially on my bucket list.
    If you want to head up to Sunny Coast hinterland for your waterfall obsession be sure to hit Gardners Falls. They aren’t huge but they are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing

    1. Oh thats a such a shame! Just another reason to come back! Thanks so much for the tip about Gardners Falls. I will definitely be checking that one out next time Im up that way. I haven’t heard of it before! 🙂

  3. OMG! All these waterfalls are stunning. I especially love Lip Falls and Elabana. Just one more thing to add to the bucket list. Thanks for sharing Larissa.

  4. Hi Larissa, I found your website on a search for Northern NSW river systems, I would love to use a couple of these photos on my website with your permission.

  5. Hoooo! I love this. Most especially the one you call the big one hinterland of Byron Bay, Is very beautiful and the surrounding is very okay. With what am seeing here i thing Elabana Falls is the most beautiful here. I don’t know how you look at it but with what am seeing, is very beautiful than other one you mentioned.
    Thanks for this great Post

  6. Hi there, been and seen Curtis Falls and fell in love with the place then wemt onto natural bridge falls and was knocked off my feet. The beauty in the falls is breath taking.

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