On a recent road trip around Tasmania we spent 3 nights at Cradle Mountain. It was Autumn and if you know Tasmania at all that could mean that its a beautiful hot sunny day one day and snowing the next. The weather can be very unpredictable but luckily we had mostly beautiful clear days although it was still really cold! Cradle Mountain is one of those places that everyone says you should see but you don’t really know why until you get there.


 1. You get a real feeling of the power of mother nature

The first reason you should visit Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake for that matter is for the sheer sense of how tiny and fragile you actually are. You can really feel the power of mother nature in this area. Especially when the weather is acting crazy which is quite a regular occurrence at Dove Lake like it was the afternoon that I was photographing sunset. It was so cold I had to run behind the bush everytime I pressed the shutter button to try and get out of the ice cold winds.

Hiding behind a bush to escape the ice cold winds at Cradle Mountain
The weather conditions are wild and unpredictable
The weather conditions are wild and unpredictable

2. Amazing hikes around the area

There are endless walks in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Dove Lake Circuit:

A fairly easy grade which makes this walk suitable for all ages and fitness levels, focusing on Cradle Mountain, temperate rainforests and sub alpine plant communities. Duration: 3 hours

Crater Lake:

An excellent walk which takes you to the Crater Falls and a magical forest with pandini and sassafras trees. Discover the hidden glacial lake surrounded by 200 meter cliffs covered with fagus. Great views of Marion’s Lookout and Crater Lakes. Duration: 3 hours. Medium Grade

Marions Lookout:

This is a moderate grade walk with some steep sections, so a reasonable degree of fitness is needed. On a clear day, this walk offers spectacular views of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake.

This is the walk that we chose to do and there are parts that you need to pull yourself up the cliff by chain but the view at the top are worth the effort. Duration: 4 hours. Medium to Hard Grade. Random Fact: Don’t take Chicken Crimpy’s with you for food on a hike up a mountain. We were eating them at the top because thats all the food we had with us and read on the packet that you should not eat Chicken Crimpy’s at altitude! If anyone can tell me why, I would love to you! 🙂

View of Dove Lake from above
View of Dove Lake from above
Snow at the top of Cradle Mountain
Snow at the top of Cradle Mountain
Hikers up ahead on doing the 6 day Overland Trail, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Hikers up ahead on doing the 6 day Overland Trail, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Overland Track:

If you’re game you can try the six day Overland Track walk which is one of Australia’s most famous bush treks.  More than 8,000 walkers each year complete the track. Officially, the track runs for 65 km from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair.  My goal is to complete this trek at least once in my life! The track has many huts, enabling hikers to stay indoors every night. There is no booking system for huts, so it is mandatory for hikers to carry a tent in case there is no space available or there is an incident on the track.

3. You get a true sense of Australia

Ive never felt more like an Aussie than when I was in Tassie and especially around Cradle Mountain. The landscape is so Australian with endless gumtrees and grasslands and there is an absolute abundance of Australian wildlife running rampant. There are wombats, kangaroos, bilbys, possums, echidnas, etc everywhere. You can usually spot them by the side of the road. There is also a lot of road kill which is really sad.

Authentic Australian Scene
Authentic Australian Scene
Grasslands near Cradle Mountain
Grasslands and gumtrees near Cradle Mountain

Other than these three reasons is just stunningly beautiful and one of those places that you just won’t understand it until you’ve been there. Make sure you hang around for a sunset there because thats the best time to really feel the awesomeness of the place.

Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Have you been to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania? If so, what was your experience of it? I would love to know, so leave a comment below! 🙂

12 thoughts on “3 reasons why you need to visit Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

  1. beautiful write up and photos of a magnificent place Larissa……..I cant explain the beauty of CM well enough in words or photos………

    1. Thanks so much Jason! You’re so lucky to live to so close to it! I struggled to explain the beauty of it too! 🙂

  2. I love Cradle Mountain – have been there a number of times. The first time I climbed to the top of Cradle was the first time I climbed to the top of anything. It was a little challenging 🙂 the whole area is stunning. Tasmania is stunning .

    1. haha, I think hiking to Marions lookout was the first time I had climbed a mountain too Julie! Its such an amazing feeling when you reach the top and take in the views though! I think I might need to plan another trip back there again soon! 🙂

  3. Love tassie its the most stunning place one day soon I will live there. cradle is outstanding we went there in july hoping for snow but there wasnt any would love to go back there when its snowing

    1. That so exciting that you will be living there soon Leeza! Its one stunning place and I can’t wait to go back again and explore more of it! x

    1. hahaha, it was soooo cold but soooo beautiful Andrew! I always find the most beautiful places seem to be the coldest!

  4. This is so beautiful Larrisa, planning to visit Tasmania next year & definitely will follow your guide. Thank you so much for the free e-book.


    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad my blog has come in handy for you and your trip! You will have an awesome time in Tasmania. Its a beautiful place. 🙂

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