This is the first of a series that I am doing which is a Micro Blog of a photography location. Think of it as a mini location guide. Every week I will give you a location, a map of where it is and directions to get there plus photos from the area. Starting off Micro Blog Monday we are exploring Beachmere, QLD. Beachmere is famous amongst photographers for the haunting looking trees that live in the waters of Moreton Bay. Its a sleepy little town and a great little spot for fishing and boating.

Beachmere, Queensland
Beachmere, Queensland


Biggs Avenue, Beachmere, QLD

Drive to the end of Biggs Avenue and park in the car park. Walk south about 10 minutes through the scrub, follow the track and you will see the trees out in the water.

Map of where to find the trees in the water at Beachmere, QLD

What you will need:

Of course you will need all your usual camera equipment: Camera, Tripod, Filters, shutter release cable/wireless remote etc but its also a good idea to where some reef shoes, gum boots,  or waders depending on the tide. There are stingrays that live in this area and you don’t want to get stabbed in the foot by a sharp stingray barb. Its a good idea to stamp the ground with your tripod as you are walking out to the trees to give the sting rays plenty of warning that you are coming!

Settings: F8 @ 1/30 sec, 40mm ISO 50
Settings: F8 @ 1/30 sec, 40mm ISO 50

Time of Day:

As with all landscape photos along the East Coast of Australia, sunrise is the best time compositionally and for colour as the sun rises off the East Coast of Australia. Sunset can also be a pretty time too depending on clouds and weather patterns.

The famous 3 sisters. Settings: F8 @69 seconds. 30mm ISO 200. ND and Grad ND filter
The famous 3 sisters. Settings: F8 @69 seconds. 30mm ISO 200. ND and Grad ND filter


Anywhere between a 1.53 metre tide and higher will give you enough water to cover the base of the trees and cover the mud flats. Alternatively, you can do the trees at low tide if you are after reflections on the rippled mud which can look pretty cool too.

Have you been to Beachmere and seen the beautiful lonely trees in the water? If so, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. This is awesome Larissa. Such stunning photos. Good tip about scaring away the sting-rays too. Thanks for sharing!

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