I have lived in Brisbane for over 17 years now and I had never been to Moreton Island. I had always known about it but had never really thought about venturing over there. That was until I got a Mavic Pro drone which you can read about here. I’m not into diving and I don’t have a 4WD anymore so I didn’t really see the point of going over there. But once you own a drone you want to photograph everything that looks cool from the air and by far the coolest are the shipwrecks at Moreton. Let me show you how to day trip to Moreton Island.

Getting there:

Getting to Moreton Island is super simple. Moreton Island is situated 40km offshore from Brisbane. The island can be reached by ferry, barge or boat. Barges and ferries for passengers and vehicles run daily. We caught the Moreton Island Adventures Ferry over which cost $28 one way per person. This is also a vehicle ferry so if you have 4WD you can take it over and camp in this island paradise. The ferry departs from 14 Howard Smith Drive, Port of Brisbane and takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to reach Moreton Island.

Things to do:

There are loads of fun activities to do on Moreton Island. First and foremost just taking in the incredible scenery. The water is crystal clear, the sand is white and the wildlife is abundant. So after taking in the glorious scenery and jumping in that pristine water for a swim you can:

  1. Dive or Snorkel 

    Explore 15 sunken shipwrecks amongst colourful fish and marine life. You get to snorkel and dive in the clearest of waters that rivals Tropical North Queensland without the crowds and expensive price tag.

  2. Extreme Sandboarding

    Climb the world’s tallest coastal sand dune and reach speeds of up to 60km per hour on the way down. Hopefully you won’t get a crap load of sand in your mouth and undies by the time you reach the bottom but hey, that’s half the fun!

  3. Four Wheel Driving

    Moreton Island is an entirely Four Wheel Drive only Island. There are no roads, only sand so if you don’t have a 4WD then don’t think that you can bring your car over. You might go home without it! It is one of the most rugged and beautiful sand driving destinations in the world. So whether you’re after the thrill of seemingly endless, smooth open beach horizons, or you prefer the challenge of tracking overland and inland, you can test your 4WD skills as little or as much as you like.

  4. Dolphin Feeding

    Hand feeding wild dolphins is a once in a lifetime opportunity and gives guests staying at Tangalooma Resort the opportunity to interact in their natural environment off the beach. Anyone can come watch the experience from the jetty, giving you a birds eye view of the dolphins entering the feeding area, swimming around and taking fish right out of the hand of the feeders.

A dugong frolicking in the stunning waters of Moreton Island
A dugong frolicking in the stunning waters of Moreton Island

Where to stay:

If you fell in love with Moreton Island and wanted to stay you have a few options;

  1. Camping – Moreton Island provides a variety of coastal camping experiences. All campgrounds and camping zones within the national park and recreation area require a camping permit, which must be obtained before you arrive on the island.
  2. Bulwer – offers a wide variety of accommodation available for your stay. The township has it’s own general store, liquor sales and bait and tackle. It is also based at the entrance to the roads that take you to the northern part of the island to places like North Point, Cape Moreton Lighthouse, Blue Lagoon and the Champagne Pool.
  3. Cowan – is a quiet residential township with several places to stay, mainly holiday houses and fishing cabins. The town offers a secluded option with no through traffic in town and a vehicle free beach making it a popular spot for families with small children.
  4. Kooringal – a sleepy little town is famous for The Toulkerrie Oyster Farm . Although more isolated Kooringal offers a relaxing, secluded holiday stay off the beaten path.
  5. Tangalooma – is famous for the Tangalooma wild dolphin resort but now has more options as their are private homes now located atop the hill behind the resort with spectacular views across Moreton Bay.

Eating and Drinking:

There are a few shops on the island in case you forgot to bring stuff with you. Closest to the wrecks you have Tangalooma Lucky 7 Resort shop which can supply you with groceries, chemist items, souvenirs and gifts, bait, clothes, books, magazines, newspapers and more.

If you are over near Bulwer there is the Castaways store which stocks those essemtial grocery items, fruit & veg, ice, firewood, fuel, alcohol, newspapers, bait and tackle, magazines and souveniers and more.

The Kooringal area has the general store for top-quality food, including meat and fresh local seafood, bait.

The best thing to do:

In my opinion the best thing to do is pack a picnic, catch the earliest ferry and spend the whole day enjoying this exquisite part of South East Queensland. Bring an umbrella to sit under, swim in that amazingly clear water, read a book under a tree and soak up the island vibes. I seriously cannot believe I waited so long to explore this amazing place. I will be heading back a few more times now that Summer is on the door step. Where else can you find an island paradise like this only a boat ride from a major city. We really are so spoilt living in this incredible part of the world and I honestly wouldn’t swap it for anything!

Aqualand playground at Moreton Island
Aqualand playground at Moreton Island

I don’t think the photos do this place justice so I have added a video to give you an idea of how stunning this place really is! Make sure to watch it full screen! Have you been to Moreton Island before? If so, I would love to know what your experience was like so leave a comment below! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day Trip to Moreton Island

  1. Absolutely epic views once again Larissa, and the Droney McDrone-Face footage is simply stunning. I was last over there as a kid so I need to get back there and see these amazing sights once again. Thanks for another awesome blog post, you are amazing ????

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment Anthony! I’m glad you enjoyed it and the footage! Its definitely worth another trip over! Absolutely stunning part of South East Queensland! 🙂

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